Friday, November 9, 2007

Lab my Life

Ever since I was small, my dream was to become an Inventor. (Thomas Eidson was my hero back then and still is on my "Respectable Human Beings" list.)
However, just like a little ant squashed by an elephant, that dream disappeared when I learned Physics was not my my forte at tender age of 17.

Since then, I changed my direction and got a Biochemistry degree. Then got a Master in Biological Science.
"Why Science?" you may ask. Being a scientist is like being an inventor if you study the right subject such as Chemistry. You can invent new chemicals if you are into Organic/Inorganic Chemistry. You can invent new ways of exploring /measuring molecules if you are into Physical Chemistry. You can design new drugs if you are into interdisciplinary Chemistry.

You may say "but you don't have a Chemistry Degree". Well, life as it turned out was really a Bi#$. Chemistry was not my forte either.
So, here I am. After spending half a decade getting Science degrees, I have been spending the last 4 years working in a lab as a Lab tech.

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