Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is "NanoVue" our solution?

"Dame it!! Not again"

Once again I am shouting in front of our lovely spectrophotometer. It just keeps giving me different measurement no matter how well I pipet the samples. You can imagine how much samples I waste by repeating the measurements.

Other lab members in my lab also experience the same phenomenon. Even if you just take out the cuvette and put it back in, the lovely spectrophotometer gives a different reading from the one before.

So, yesterday one of the senior researcher in my lab found an advertising on "Nature methods" about a new spectrophotometer from GE Healthcare called "NanoVue". Apparently you can accurately assays low volume of samples around 0.5-5 ยตl!!!

Interesting..... very interesting........
It maybe time for us to say goodbye to our lovely


Anonymous said...

The nanodrop is a better option

TH said...

Thank you for the suggestion. We will look into it!!